Teeth Whitening is the least invasive, least expensive, cosmetic procedure available today. The appearance of teeth has a dramatic effect on self esteem, career success and overall health. Although it is one of the most important contributors to facial beauty, it is often the most neglected when improvements to appearance are sought. People spend thousands of dollars on cosmetics, hair care and cosmetic surgeries to preserve their youth and enhance their beauty, but some find bleaching the teeth is a luxury they cannot afford!?

There are several myths that prevent some from whitening their teeth:

  1. It’s too expensive.” Some choose to use over-the-counter products for $15 to $50. Yes, these products work, but their concentrations make the process slow. They’re great for teeth that are already light in color, but you may end up buying multiple kits to achieve the results you want and additional product for touch ups in the future. We currently have a SPECIAL for $200, which we’ve extended indefinitely. This includes all touch up materials in the future “at cost.” This is actually cheaper than O.T.C. products in the long run. RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED.
  2. I want immediate gratification.” I’m sure you’ve heard of ZOOM WHITENING chairside procedure. While this does give you immediate results, the color will appear lighter than actual because the teeth are dehydrated. The color will fade and most people will require home kits to continue and touch up. The Zoom Light does not  increase the whitening process and often causes severe pain. We offer a very high concentration of peroxide to be used at home for more long lasting, cheaper, and safer results.
  3. It’s too painful.” We now know that the likely causes of tooth pain are dehydration and tissue burns. We make our trays “in house” and trim meticulously to prevent tissue damage. Our 30% whitening solution is used for only 20-30 minutes twice per day to get faster results and virtually no pain. If your teeth are hypersensitive, we offer other ways to make it a pain free experience.
  4. I don’t have the discipline or patience to do it at home.” If our kits are used as directed, most people achieve their desired color within one week. Less time is spent wearing the trays than most other professional systems.
  5. I’ll just use a whitening toothpaste.” They don’t work. The whitening agent is not in contact with the teeth long enough to have any significant whitening effect. Some toothpastes are very abrasive and may remove extrinsic stains, but also remove enamel and MAKE YOUR TEETH YELLOWER!!!!!

There are other reasons why professional whitening is best:

  1. Safety. Too much peroxide (free radical) can be harmful if swallowed. It can also burn your soft tissues if allowed to accumulate on your gums.
  2. Extra dark or Tetracycline Stained teeth. Over-the-counter products will not be effective for severely stained teeth.
  3. A pre-whitening exam is necessary to determine whether dental work is necessary before and/or after the procedure.
  • If you choose to whiten on your own, you may be surprised to find that teeth with fillings or crowns will not whiten like natural tooth structure. The result is multicolored teeth and unexpected dental costs to replace the crowns and fillings.
  • If exposed to the harsh peroxide chemical, a cavity or leaky filling can become very painful and inflamed, resulting in possible irreversible damage.
  • If your teeth are damaged due to erosion or abrasion, the hard protective enamel shell is missing and dentin will be exposed. If chemicals come in contact with the dentin, this may cause severe pain and will not be as effective.