Meet Doctor Nancie…

Doctor Nancie received her DDS from the University of Minnesota Dental School in 1985 and completed a Hospital Residency Program the following year.

She became an Assistant Professor for the University of Minnesota’s Oral Diagnosis Department while starting her Private Practice.  She also worked in a progressive perio practice where she developed her expertise in non-surgical treatment and improving her patients’ overall health.

Doctor Nancie actively pursues continuing education to provide you with the best care available.  She is a member of the 21st Century Study Club, which focuses on implants and cosmetic dentistry.  Outside of the office she enjoys gardening, photography, and making others smile.

Many people have life changing events which inspire them to help change the lives of others.  For Doctor Nancie, this happened at age 18 when she lost her front teeth in a car accident.

Through the miracle of cosmetic dentistry, her dentist was able to restore her smile.  After looking in the mirror, she was so happy she cried.   When she looks back, it was that very moment that she was inspired to be a dentist so she could make a difference in people’s lives–just as her dentist had done for her.

I’m Doctor Nancie Johnson DDS.  Over the years I have practiced dentistry, I have shared those same tears of joy with my own patients.