We offer a wide variety of services from regular checkups to cosmetic dentistry for patients of all ages.

Comprehensive Check-ups / exams:  Oral Cancer Screenings, medical and dental history review, x-rays.  We check your teeth, bite, TMJ and muscles.  We chart periodontal data to evaluate the health of your gums. Periodontal data is charted to evaluate the health of your gums.  Ample time is given for education and to answer any questions or concerns you may have, including cosmetics.

Digital X-Rays: Better resolution, more information,  instant results, less radiation, and can be copied with ease and at no extra fee.

Fillings:  Several different materials are used to restore broken or decayed teeth.  We primarily use composite or tooth colored materials with the best properties for each situation.

Crowns:  A “cap” is needed to restore and protect a broken down tooth.
Again, there are several materials to choose from depending on function
and esthetics.

Bridges:  One restorative alternative for missing teeth that is not removable.

TMJ treatment (occlusal splint):  Many people suffer from sore jaws and
muscles from grinding their teeth.  We can protect your teeth and ease
your discomfort by making a precise, clear appliance to wear at night.
Degenerative joint cases are referred to a specialist.

Root canal:  Root canals are “your friend”, if you need one.  Essentially,
we remove the infection and seal it to save the tooth.  The alternative is
extraction.  Don’t believe all the stories you’ve heard about this
procedure because it is often a painless procedure.

Implants:  In most cases, this is the best option for restoring a missing tooth or teeth. You can experience an amazing improvement in the quality of your life, even if you wear dentures.

Veneers:  We can give you the smile you’ve always wanted and deserve.  Our laboratory is known all over the world for smile design and their
expertise with porcelain.

Bleaching / Whitening procedures:  A simple procedure can give you a
brighter smile with less sensitivity.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

Sealant:  The most vulnerable areas to decay are the pits and fissures of
your teeth. Bonding a resin inside these grooves will prevent cavities.
Sealants and fluoride, along with good oral hygiene make it possible to
live a “cavity free” life.

Drill-less Dentistry (air abrasion):  If a protective sealant is not placed, decay can develop in these grooves. Sometimes we can eliminate this decay without the use of “Novocaine” using a little “mini sand blaster”.       A dye is used to confirm complete removal of bacteria before bonding the filling.

Diagnodent:   Because fluoride hardens the outside enamel, it is difficult to feel sticky decay that may be growing beneath the surface.  There’s a whole new standard of care when diagnosing cavities now.  We look for visual or radiographic evidence, and then use a laser diagnostic tool for early detection.

Remineralization:  The decay process begins with demineralization which often looks like white spots on your teeth.  Along with better home care, there are new breakthroughs using chemicals to help remineralize these areas, rather than placing fillings as we did in the past.